Capcom Responds to Plagiarism Controversy, is “Saddened”

Capcom Responds to Plagiarism Controversy, is “Saddened”


Yesterday Twisted Pixel’s CEO Michael Wilford responded to allegations that Capcom’s iOS game MaXplosion was a ripoff of their XBLA game ‘Splosion Man calling it “complete theft” and “nauseating.”

Today Capcom issued its own statement.

“While Twisted Pixel did have discussions with our console game team about publishing ‘Splosion Man’ on game consoles, Capcom Mobile is a different division of Capcom with separate offices and as such, had no prior knowledge of any meetings between the console game team and Twisted Pixel. ‘MaXplosion’ was developed independently by Capcom Mobile. Nonetheless, we are saddened by this situation and hope to rebuild the trust of our fans and friends in the gaming community.”

Pretty much what I expected, side-stepping bullcrap. I never thought I’d be so angry at one of my favorite publishers.

Shame, Capcom. For shame.

Why do it? Why so obviously and shamelessly rip off a small indie game, especially one that has a sequel coming so soon.