Capcom Reveals New Monster Hunter 3D Animated Special to Premiere in 2019

In association with Pure Imagination Studios, Capcom recently announced that they are creating Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, an animated show based in the world of Monster Hunter.

on July 12, 2018 9:44 AM

Capcom recently has revealed a new project that they have in the works, though this is a product that won’t take the form of a video game.

Working alongside Pure Imagination Studios, Capcom announced that they are creating a 3D animated special that takes place in the world of Monster Hunter. The special, which is titled Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, follows the story of a young man who is out to prove his chops as a monster hunter. When the village that he lives in then falls in line with the path of an approaching Elder Dragon, he sees that he has a chance to prove himself.

Monster Hunter Series Producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto talked a bit about this new special and said, “We are thrilled to return fans to the universe of Monster Hunter and expand the series’ rich lore. We think die-hard fans will appreciate our dedication to the source material while those uninitiated to the series will still be treated to an epic adventure in a wholly unique world.”

Pure Imagination Studios and Capcom plan to co-financeMonster Hunter: Legends of the Guild and are on schedule to finish production this Winter. They then hope to release the special at some point in 2019. Currently, we don’t have any footage or stills from the actual animation itself but Capcom has released one piece of concept art for the project which you can find below.

Capcom Reveals New Monster Hunter 3D Animated Special to Premiere in 2019

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