Capcom Says Resident Evil Fanbase in “Late-30s to 40s,” Wants to Appeal to Younger Market

on December 27, 2013 5:08 AM

In a new piece on Capcom’s Investor Relations site, the company states that their current user base for the highly popular Resident Evil series is in their “late-30s to 40s” and the age continues to rise.

Capcom is concerned that eventual a good portion of these fans will “outgrow games altogether” and stop playing the game, which is why there is a constant need to appeal to a new and younger audience. For instance, Capcom has collaborated with a fashion magazine and fashion brands that cater to the younger crowd.

They have also been actively working on spreading brand recognition among non-gamers through events and venues, such as the “Halloween Horror Night” event in alliance with Universal Studios Japan and the opening of the “Resident Evil CafĂ© and Grill S.T.A.R.S.” (a Resident Evil-themed restaurant) in Shibuya PARCO, Tokyo.

Meanwhile Capcom isn’t trying to alienate their current fanbase, resulting in the launch of Club 96 fanclub. It serves as a bridge between fans and developers and they even hold an annual members-only Premium Party.

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