Capcom Swears the Mega Man is Not Dead

Capcom Swears the Mega Man is Not Dead

VP Christian Svensson swears that Mega Man will continue to be an important franchise for publisher Capcom, hinting at new releases for the series in the future.

“Change has been a constant during my six years at Capcom (vastly for the positive) but I want to be crystal clear on this point,” Svensson said in an interview with Game Informer. “Mega Man is a key brand for Capcom and will remain so. I don’t have any products we’ve announced publicly that I can point to and say “see, I told you” but there are “top men” (“top men”? “Yes, top men”) within Capcom thinking about the future of the brand and where it’s going. We will have official announcements in due course.”

After the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 in May of this year, hope for the series began slipping through gamers’ fingers. The game had been heavily anticipated since its announcement last year, and the thought of having a new Mega Man game for the Nintendo 3DS was a drool-worthy offer longtime fans could not refuse. Svensson admitted that this sad occurrence is still “an issue that keeps [him] up at night.”

“Unfortunately, in this situation, there is no panacea,” Svensson added. “It’s going to take time to rebuild those bridges. Product cycles are long and it’ll be a little while until fans can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And the last thing I want to do is prematurely announce something in the name of sating the fans that gets cancelled or redirected later, thereby creating an even larger wound. I can only ask for people’s patience.”

For now, fans will have to content themselves with the release of Mega Man X for iOS devices later this month, a retouched version of the game with its 16-bit sprites ditched for newer cartoon-esque art.