Capcom TV Monster Hunter X Special Live Broadcast Shows Off Tons of Gameplay

on November 25, 2015 3:53 PM

While Monster Hunter X‘s  release date is nearing in Japan, Capcom broadcast last week a special web program dedicated to the game on their Capcom TV channel. Three video were posted today on their Youtube channel, showing off gameplay, trailers, lots of Monster Hunter goodies as well as in-game collaboration items.

The first two videos feature Producer  Shintaro Kojima and guests discussing about the game and challenging the quite ferocious Lagiacrus and Nargacuga. The last video focuses on special guest Hiro Mashima (Japanese mangaka mostly known for the Fairy Tail series) fighting against the Arzuros, using the special Fairy Tail collaboration felyne.

3DS exclusive Monster Hunter X will hit the Japanese shelves on November 28, 2015 while no western release has been announced as of now. Videos can be seen below. I’d advise you to grab something to eat while watching them, as they are quite content-heavy and (obviously…) in Japanese.

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