Capcom Unity Walks You Through 40 Minutes of Dustforce Footage

January 17, 2014

40 minutes worth of Dustforce footage has been released, pitting an uninitiated player against “one of the best Dustforce players in the known universe,” to show how a newbie can go pro with one zero-to-hero advanced gameplay video.

Coming from Capcom Unity, this footage features Chris and Brelston versus the mighty Thor, taking players through multiple levels and all of the Dustforce characters. We really loved Dustforce when it came to PC two years ago; now Dustforce will be coming to the PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360 sometime early this year.

For more info, check out all of our Dustforce news and the Dustforce Capcom Unity page.


Am I the only person who hopes the next Capcom vs title will feature at least one of these badass custodians?

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