Capcom Unity Wants Your Opinion

on October 5, 2009 9:02 PM

In the modern day and age of video games, it is important to have good products, but it is also critical to have a loyal community and to cater to their needs. Capcom is a prime example of this with their Capcom Unity blogs. At TGS, Takeuchi-san made the announcement of Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition for the PlayStation 3 that will utilize the motion controls (now codenamed Sphere). With this announcement being all fine and dandy, it raised up a bit of a concern for the Western market, due to the fact that digital distribution is not big in the East, and that is where all of you come in.

Capcom unity has a poll up and running, to see what we all want. All you have to do is log in and vote for either a release as DLC or a brand spanking new packaged release. The duration of the poll is said to be a few weeks, so it is a great chance for everyone to get on and vote. With all of this said, I think that Capcom is taking a step in a positive direction with this idea. As gamers, we know that this is truly in our hands.

Evan is not only a contributing editor but also the official west coast liaison for the site. He is a Sony fanboy without regard but has also spent countless hours grinding away in Azeroth. A true video game music enthusiast and a well versed video game historian. You do not want to argue with the man, you will probably lose.