Capcom Wants to Hire 100 Developers a Year as PS4 and Xbox One’s Success Increases Demand for Games

Capcom Wants to Hire 100 Developers a Year as PS4 and Xbox One’s Success Increases Demand for Games

Today Capcom published a new message to investors from Chief Executive Officer Kenzo Tsujimoto, followed by another from Chief Operating Officer Haruhiro Tsujimoto. Both father and son presented a very positive outlook for the year to come.

Tsujimoto senior (Kenzo, Haruhiro is his son) mentioned that the company is ready to hire a whopping 100 new developers every year to create an even more powerful development structure:

I want to build a development framework that can put the right people in the right places. This process will reflect an understanding of what consumers want and what types of products have become hits. From now on, I plan to hire at least 100 software developers every year to give us an even more powerful development workforce. Furthermore, I want to establish clear targets for these developers so they can help make Capcom even stronger.

He also  gave an overview on the fields in which he’d like to expand, and unfortunately those do include a stronger focus on DLC and mobile:

In 2014, we will integrate our global operations and sales departments. Our goal is to further strengthen marketing strategies for (1) downloadable content (DLC), (2) mobile contents, (3) online operations, and (4) brand contents. I believe that we have largely completed the framework needed for reexamining development operations and reinforcing marketing strategies. Our next objective is to provide to as many people as possible a variety of products that take full advantage of Capcom’s vast amount of content.

Tsujimoto junior echoed similar concepts, but luckily did not forget to mention the renewed success of home consoles with the PS4 and Xbox One:

At the same time, our performance reflected the momentous shifts in the composition of the entire game market caused by changes of an unprecedented magnitude. Two key trends are the popularity of smartphones and tablets and the increasingly social nature of games. Moreover, advances in networks are causing software sales to move from packaged products to digital distribution. This is why Capcom must concentrate on both the quality of our content as well as our services. The outlook for the game industry is bright. Strong sales last year of new game consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One point to even more demand for software.

Additionally, he also mentioned that the company aims to keep the focus on multiplatform development and to increase its worldwide presence:

We are aiming to maximize earnings by concentrating on three strategies. First is the multi-platform strategy of supplying content for all types of hardware. Second is the Single Content Multiple Usage strategy for using our content in a variety of media. Third is the global strategy with the goal of increasing our market share worldwide. Additionally, we have established the goal of upgrading development activities in the growing online market. Our target is online business sales of at least ¥30 billion in the fiscal year ending in March 2015.

Looks like Capcom is planning an all-out expansion in basically every field of gaming, and it’s refreshing to see that home consoles aren’t being placed in the back burner by the Japanese publishing giant. It’s even more pleasing to see a publisher willing to hire as many as 100 developers a year.

With the current situation of the worldwide economy that’s definitely a bold move, and the Japanese video game industry certainly needs new blood.