Capcom's NYC Fight Club Impressions

Al and myself were grateful enough to attend the Capcom NYC Fight Club last week where they showcased the new installment of Tatsunoko vs Capcom All Stars, Marvel vs Capcom 2 (patch update), Street Fighter 4, and Super Street Fighter 4.  From the hundreds of fans waiting outside with their sticks, cameras, and even laptops, Al and myself were one of the first to go in because we were press.  It wasn’t anything flashy but still gave you the feel of an old school underground gaming scene which by the way the event was held inside a tiny sneaker store.  As we walked in we were greeted by pizza and drinks and made our way downstairs to probably the “hottest” place of the night.  With all the titles and fight sticks at hand and DJ Radio Rose playing old school hip hop and rap it definitely felt like underground.  So obviously the main reason we were all there was to see Super SF4 and that is exactly what Seth Killian did every start of the hour letting a random fan, who was hand picked, from the crowd play the game in front of everyone.  Instead of booing and anger from the crowd, we all cheered for every single person who was picked to play the game.  Seth revealed T. Hawk, Juri, and Dee Jay which were mainly played by two of the US top pros, Marn and Justin Wong.  If you would like to know more in depth characteristics on the fighters, head over to Justin Wongs blog HERE.

Seth also stated that he has been going around the states presenting Super SF4 to the press but did not let them play because whom he wanted to be the first to play the game were the fans, even though only about four people got to play it.  Overall there wasn’t much to do there besides play the games we all own at home.  I hope there can be another fight club before the release of Super but maybe just a bit bigger.  Enjoy some photos taken from the event.

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