Captain America and Thor Games Coming in 2011

By Yaris Gutierrez

November 3, 2009

I’m probably the most hardcore Captain America fan in existence. Yes, me. I’m not going to say that I strive to be like him in any way because, physically, it’s impossible and I definitely can’t get my hands on any Super Solider Serum – so that’s out of the question. If you’re a fan of the shield wielding Marvel superhero, hi-five to you.

There’s some good news for you Thor and Captain America fans out there. For some time now, there has been talks that Captain America and the son of Odin, Thor, will each be getting their chances to hit the big screens sometime in the future. Well, the future apparently has received a date – not an exact date – of May and July of 2011 (which is usually the months in which Marvel releases their movies, if you recall). Now, with movies, we all know that some major publisher will be working on bringing these villain bashing heroes onto our console. Taking the helm on these project is Sega, who previously announced that Thor and Captain America will be hitting our consoles. Excited? I sure am!

Now, the question is, which hero movie are you looking forward to the most? Thor and his might hammer, or Captain America and his acrobatic, shield wielding skills?

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