Capture Babes, Not Flags in Duke Nukem Forever

Capture Babes, Not Flags in Duke Nukem Forever


You may be familiar with capturing flags quite well, but in the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever, things are about to get a little controversary. PC Gamer reports that a new game mode has been revealed in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine US, where you will be capturing babes instead of a flag to score points – and if the babes get out of line while you are hauling them across the map; give them a gentle “slap” to reassure them who is in charge. I’m sure that many will be outraged at this game mode – I’m also sure that many just won’t care. But, when did we go back to the cave man era where we drag our women back to our caves and beat them if they struggle?

“Our goal isn’t to shock people,” says Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, “but I think there’s some stuff that’s a bit uncomfortable. I mean, the alien’s plan is to capture our women and impregnate them to breed an alien army, so you can imagine some horrible $#!t happens.”

The multiplayer modes will support up to eight players each, and aside from Capture the Babe, you can expect to see Dukematch, Team Dukematch and Hail to the King as playable modes for Duke Nukem Forever as we see release on multiple platforms on May 3rd .

This is definitely a controversial subject, that is for sure. I’m curious as to what everyone thinks about this?

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