Capture the Flag (Or G-Virus) is Just One of Many Operation Raccoon City Multiplayer Modes

on January 12, 2012 6:00 PM

Capcom today released details of the four Versus modes for the upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City due out March 20 in the U.S. Each is a unique take on the standard deathmatch, capture the flag and survival deathmatch modes with a twist. You can play as either the boring “good” guys (U.S. Special Ops) or the insanely cool “bad” guys (Umbrella Security Service.)

Team Deathmatch is exactly what it sounds like: Beat the other guys buy shooting down each member. Biohazard Mode has you hunting down and keeping G-Virus samples safe, either to help Umbrella commit nefarious deeds or to recover said samples for nefarious deeds you’re not aware of. Survival Mode, probably the coolest, has you beating out members of the other team for space aboard a rescue copter. Trailer after the jump.

Twenty-five-year olds will be screaming “Get to the choppah!” for the first six months this game is out, I guarantee it. Combine the fact that Heroes mode lets you control series favorites like Leon S. Kennedy, Hunk and Jill Valentine and, yeah, this might very well be the Resident Evil game fans have dreamed of since Nemesis.

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