Car Wash Simulator's First Trailer Takes a Horrifying Turn Into Unexpected Body Disposal

The first trailer for Car Wash Simulator is quite an interesting one, in that it shows much more than what you should expect from the surface.

Car Wash Simulator is an upcoming simulation game where the player creates and manages their own Car Wash business! Upon first hearing of the project, I kinda laughed at how mediocre the premise sounded and that it was just the burden of washing cars but in a video game. However, the first trailer for the game released this week and – needless to say – it looks damn good.

In Car Wash Simulator, you can grow your business, upgrade your equipment, battle against competitors, gain reputation among customers, work with law enforcement… or not. You see, in the first trailer, it takes quite a dark turn towards the end. Check it out for yourself:

Yeah… as you can see, instead of making an honest living, you can choose to “accept shady deals for larger sums.” It seems that those kinds of clients make you get your hands dirty, and if the trailer is anything to go off of; you can face consequences for it. It is definitely a dark turn from the quite innocent dick drawing you see at the start of the video.

In Car Wash Simulator, you “also need to be wary of your growing competition and other, not entirely legal, factions, that would love to take part in your success. […]A wide variety of tools are ready at your disposal, so you could fulfill your clients’ wishes. Your reputation is at stake and time is limited, so manage it wisely.”

The steam page is now up for the game, unfortunately displaying a “Coming Soon” release date instead of an actual release window. It is developed by 1Z Games and published by Movie Games S.A. and PlayWay S.A. (publishers of House Flipper, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, Professional Fishing and more).

We want to know more about this game as fast as possible, so we’ll keep an eye out for any news regarding the project and will keep you updated.

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