Carbine Studios Prepares for Launch of Wildstar with Tonight’s Head Start Program

on May 30, 2014 3:43 PM

Wildstar will have its official launch on Tuesday. If you’ve been looking forward to the game and don’t want to wait that long, there is a way for you to play before release date thanks to the head start program. This program will allow gamers to get into the world of Nexus a full three days before launch. This will happen starting at 12am PDT and anyone who has pre-ordered the game can get in on it.

During the launch of the program there will be several streams of the game happening on Wildstar‘s Twitch channel. There will be some celebrity streamers including: Hot Pepper Gaming, Monika Lee, Bajeera, Sevadus and Mindcrack. During the streams there will be giveaways such as gear from Nvidia and Logitech. A full schedule is available on the Wildstar forums.

To pre-order Wildstar and get into the head start program make sure to follow this link. Also make sure to check out Megan’s hands-on impressions of the Beta and my interview with design producer Stephan Frost to get more insight into the game.

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