THQ Nordic Acquires the Controversial Carmageddon IP from Stainless Games

THQ Nordic Acquires the Controversial Carmageddon IP from Stainless Games

THQ Nordic acquired the rights to the Carmaggedon IP from Stainless Games today, closing out a year of crazy acquisitions.

As 2018 has gone on, THQ Nordic has only continued to acquire more studios and IP. From Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain to notable IPs like Alone in the Dark and TimeSplitters, THQ Nordic is actively expanding its breath of studios and available IP to utilize. Today they added one more IP to their massive pool: Carmageddon.

Carmageddon first rose to prominence after its release in 1997 due to the massive amount of violence on display. Like Grand Theft Auto, many disapproved of the fact that game allowed players to run over and kill pedestrians with their car. This led to Carmageddon being heavily censored in countries like Germany and the UK, but also helped it achieve cult classic status.


Stainless Games, the developer behind the original game, actually decided to revive the series a few years ago with Carmageddon: Reincarnation and Carmageddon: Max Damage. Unfortunately, the game was received middlingly from fans and critics alike. Still, THQ Nordic clearly sees potential in the IP, and Stainless Games was willing to sell.

It remains to be seen if Stainless Games will stay on as the developer of future  Carmageddon titles, or if the IP will be handed off to another developer. If I had to chose another developer until THQ Nordic’s umbrella, I’d probably go with Wreckfest developer Bugbear Entertainment due to their experience with destructive racing games. That being said, that’s just pure speculation.

DualShockers will be sure to let you know when THQ Nordic reveals what they are doing next with the Carmageddon IP. We will also update you if THQ Nordic somehow manages with squeeze another acquisition into the last 28 days of 2018.