Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 Launches Next Week; PC Version Announced

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 Launches Next Week; PC Version Announced

After a minor delay, indie developer Crosse Studios has finally announced a PC version and new launch date for its upcoming game Casey Powell Lacrosse 18.

Recently Crosse Studios has announced a new launch date for its upcoming entry in the Casey Powell Lacrosse series.

According to the Pittsburg-based studio, Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 is set to be released on Tuesday, April 17; initially, the game was to launch on March 13, however, the game was delayed due to development team waiting for the game to obtain approvals on various platforms.

Initially, the game was set to launch digitally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, however, it was recently revealed that in addition to the aforementioned platforms, Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 will also be available (digitally) on PC via Steam.

A sequel to the 2016 game Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 and is developed by Crosse studios, while Big Ant Studios holds publishing rights. Much like the previous entry, Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 will pick up where its predecessor left off and build on the foundation, which was established nearly two years ago. Several notable refinements to the gameplay in Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 include the controls for dodging, faceoff, stick, and shooting controls.

For more information on the game, check out the list of trophies, available in the game and also covers the rarity and description for each trophy. As mentioned previously, Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 is slated to launch this month on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.