Castle Crashers Dabbles in Necromancy

Castle Crashers Dabbles in Necromancy

One of my first experiences with the Xbox Live Arcade was Castle Crashers.  My friends were playing it long before I got a 360, so what did I have to do the instant I got it home?  Download Castle Crashers, of course!  To date, its still one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had with an XBLA title.  Its a good thing, then, that it’s developer, The Behemoth, continues to support the title with DLC.

It’s latest and greatest content pack for Castle Crashers is the “Necromantic Pack”.  There is no release date or price on it yet, but we can only hope it comes around soon.  You hear me Microsoft?  Get this one through the review process and up on XBLA yesterday!  Chop, chop!

Here’s what is included in the new DLC:

  • Two new characters – the Necromancer and a Cult Minion.
  • A  new animal orb – Dragonhead.
  • Two new weapons – a skull mace and a chainsaw (sweet, I love chain saws!).

Look for it “soon”, according to the dev blog on the subject.  Time to dust off my characters!

One response to “Castle Crashers Dabbles in Necromancy”

  1. PJ says:

    lol, who doesn’t love a good chainsaw