Castle Crashers Looks Like It’s Coming to Switch

Castle Crashers Looks Like It’s Coming to Switch

It looks like the Switch is set to receive one of the best co-op indie games ever in Caste Crashers sometime soon.

If a new tease from indie developer The Behemoth is any indication, it looks like Castle Crashers could soon be heading to the Nintendo Switch.

In a new post from The Behemoth’s official Twitter account, it shared an image of four Switch Joy-Cons that are all distinctly colored in the same manner as one of the studio’s past titles. In particular, the green, red, blue, and orange Joy-Cons all reflect the same color scheme from the knights that you can utilize in Castle Crashers. When Castle Crashers first came out in 2008, the four knights with those color schemes were the main characters you could use at the start of the game.

Obviously, this image seems to be teasing that Castle Crashers itself will soon be heading to Switch. If you’re unfamiliar with the indie classic, it is a side-scrolling brawler that you can play with up to 4-players. Since originally launching on Xbox 360, Castle Crashers has later come to PC, Mac, PS3, and most recently, Xbox One. An arrival on Switch would mark the first time Castle Crashers has come to a Nintendo platform.

It’s worth noting that The Behemoth is indeed heading to PAX East at the end of this month, so it seems likely that they’ll make an official announcement of sorts in the comings days or weeks. If that happens, we’ll be sure to let you know.