CastleStorm Storms Onto the PS3 and PS Vita With Vikings VS Knights Action

on November 5, 2013 11:59 AM

Once a PC and Xbox 360 exclusive, the brawler-tower defense mash-up CastleStorm has finally made its way to the PS3 and PS Vita, available today via the PlayStation Network.

CastleStorm pits Knights versus Vikings for brute supremacy, with players starting off with javelins or harpoons (for knights or vikings, respectively), which have the shortest regeneration period. As the game continues, players unlock more projectiles for use against your enemies.

As knights, players will move up to Apple Grenades that can detonate while in the air, against enemy walls, or against a group of oncoming enemies on the ground. Vikings like to recycle, using Trash Metal to wipe out waves of ground troops before they can reach the gate. While imprecise, it’s great against scattered troops or flying troops.
Players also get a sort of berserker mode, with getting five kills at once activating a shooting frenzy, allowing players to shoot all projectiles in rapid succession for a few seconds.

CastleStorm is available today for $9.99, with Cross Buy support (meaning you can purchase one version of the game and get the other for free). There’s also a CastleStorm demo for players who’d like to try out a little carnage first before committing to full-time barbarism.

For more on the game, check out the CastleStorm trailer and mode details. There’s been no word on whether the PS3 and PS Vita version will include The Warrior Queen expansion pack available on PC and Xbox 360, but hopefully that will be made clear soon. To see more difference between the knight and viking, check out the images below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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