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Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition Dated for the PC

A PC release date for the consummate version of NetherRealm's popular 2D fighting game Mortal Kombat has been announced. PC players worldwide will be able to buy the game digitally from July 3rd. Physical copies of the ...Read More

on May 23, 2013 9:30 PM
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Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven Headphones

The XP Seven is Turtle Beach’s premier new tournament quality gaming headset. Touting a laundry list of features, compatibility with all of the most popular platforms and a sleek, shiny appearance, the XP Seven looks at face ...Read More

on May 23, 2013 12:00 PM
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Beowulf is Your 5th and Final Skullgirls DLC Fighter

Okay, I'm not particularly upset but I'm also definitely not excited. Lab Zero has revealed that the second Skullgirls DLC character determined by fan vote (and fifth DLC character overall) is none other than Beowulf. I would ...Read More

on May 17, 2013 8:30 PM
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Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Will Sprout on Facebook Next Week

Get your garden ready. The ever-so popular Plants vs. Zombies franchise is making its debut on Facebook starting on May 20th with Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. ...Read More

on May 12, 2013 4:24 PM
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Kickstarter Planned for New Indie Fighter Air Dash Online

Indie developer JV5 Games has raised the curtain on their debut project; a heavily Super Smash Bros. Melee inspired online fighting game called Air Dash Online. Air Dash Online is being developed for the PC and it ...Read More

on May 10, 2013 9:30 PM
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Debut Hellraid Gameplay Trailer is Bloody

The first trailer for Techland's Hellraid has been released. Although it doesn't appear to show any co-op, this trailer does show off some of the bloody, brutal combat the game consists of. Comparisons to Bethesda's Elder Scrolls ...Read More

on May 8, 2013 9:33 PM
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Double Fine’s Humble Bundle is Juicy

An enticing new Humble Bundle has been released and all of the game's featured in it are from the acclaimed developer Double Fine. Double Fine's Humble Bundle includes Psychonauts, Costume Quest and Stacking - all of which ...Read More

on May 7, 2013 9:30 PM
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Stonehearth Kickstarter Flies Over First Stretch Goals, New Stretch Goals Revealed

The support fans are demonstrating for Radiant Entertainment's indie strategy RPG Stonehearth is truly spectacular. As of now fans have contributed an amazing $223,078. Less than a week after revealing them, Stonehearth's Kickstarter has funded all ...Read More

on May 6, 2013 9:30 PM
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The Voting for Skullgirls’ 5th and Final DLC Fighter Has Commenced

The mystical and shapely Eliza emerged as the most popular character in the fan vote for the fourth character to be developed for Lab Zero's Skullgirls. The fifth and final fighter to be added to the game ...Read More

on May 6, 2013 8:40 PM
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Stonehearth’s Kickstarter Clears Initial Funding Goal, New Stretch Goals Revealed

In just three days, the Kickstarter for Radiant Entertainments real-time strategy RPG Stonehearth has successfully met the first funding goal. As of now fans have donated an astonishing $147,727 to the game's Kickstarter, which is nearly $30,000 ...Read More

on May 2, 2013 7:52 PM
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Roles Reversed: Play as Pauline in Donkey Kong

It's funny that I recently reported on Anita Sarkeesian's new YouTube series Tropes vs Women in Video Games, where she dissects the portrayal of women in games, for better or worse, and then I came across this ...Read More

on March 11, 2013 8:01 PM
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Al Gore Asks You To Spread Awareness Via His “Game,” Reality Drop

Al Gore has just unveiled his new way to spread awareness about the environment, through his new website and video game, Reality Drop. ...Read More

on March 5, 2013 6:04 PM
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A My Little Pony Fighting Game is Actually Happening, Here’s a New Trailer

You may recall the news of a fighting game based on Hasbro's popular My Little Pony franchise. In case you hadn't heard, My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic is a thing. Fighting is Magic is a 2D ...Read More

on January 31, 2013 9:30 PM
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Play “Asteroids” On US Government Websites Thanks to Hacker Group “Anonymous”


As detailed by NakedSecurity, hackers operating under the flag of the infamous organization "Anonymous" have hacked into various US government websites and encoded the game of Asteroids into them as part of a protest over the ...Read More

on January 28, 2013 4:01 PM
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Street Fighter X Mega Man Getting a Patch This Week

Capcom has announced that they'll be releasing a patch to address various bugs and issues within their free PC crossover Street Fighter X Mega Man. This patch will be available Friday and it allegedly makes several changes ...Read More

on January 14, 2013 9:30 PM
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Latest SMITE Reveal Trailer Features Hercules, The Champion Of Rome

I know what you're thinking: "If it's not Kevin Sorbo, I don't care." Or is that just me? All joking aside, Hi-Rez released their latest reveal trailer for their third-person hit MOBA, SMITE. Featuring Hercules, the ...Read More

on January 9, 2013 10:20 PM
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New Educational Game Lets Students Travel the Underground Railroad


With the recent release of Django Unchained and Lincoln, and Black History Month just a few weeks away, it seems appropriate that a game about the Underground Railroad has debuted, made to educate children about slavery ...Read More

on January 8, 2013 10:30 PM
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Fight to the Death, Or Die Trying, In The Showdown Effect


Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios--the publisher and developer behind Magicka--is bringing their new game to Beta: The Showdown Effect. ...Read More

on December 18, 2012 11:00 PM
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Minecraft Documentary Comes With A Release Date and a Trailer


Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, a documentary about the huge success story that is Minecraft, is coming to an Xbox Live Gold account near you by way of 2 Player Productions, and today they've released a ...Read More

on December 17, 2012 10:27 PM
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Season Pass, DLC, and New Patch Coming To “SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny”


Nordic Games and Mind Over Matter Studios have just announced new content coming to their strategy RPG SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny, with three episodic DLC packages and a Season Pass option, plus a brand new ...Read More

on December 17, 2012 9:27 PM
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Honor Your Fallen XCOM Soldiers On Facebook, Right Now

This may draw the line between reality and virtual reality, but the XCOM: Enemy Unknown team have just launched a Memorial Wall on their Facebook page to honor the many, many soldiers who have fallen while trying ...Read More

on December 10, 2012 9:28 PM
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Get Your Name in the Credits of Iron Front – Liberation 1944’s D-Day DLC Credits

Deep Silver recently released details about their Iron Front - Liberation 1944 D-Day DLC; today, we're getting more. ...Read More

on December 6, 2012 10:42 PM
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The Destroyer Class Brings Destruction and Ruin to the Seven Seas in Pirate MMO, Kartuga


It's been a while since we reported on the browser-based pirate-MMO game Kartuga, but today InnoGames and Ticking Bomb Games have revealed details on the first of it's pirate ship classes, The Destroyer. ...Read More

on December 6, 2012 10:16 PM
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Watch Sacred Citadel’s Safiri Warrior and Khukuri Shaman Destroy Many, Many Orcs

Last week we were introduced to Sacred Citadel. Today we're being introduced to the Safiri Warrior and the Khukuri Shaman as they kill as many orcs as possible in the side-scrolling brawler game. ...Read More

on December 6, 2012 10:15 PM
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Miss The Classics? Play Over 300 DOS Games In Your Browser, Right Now

In the 90's, if you weren't playing Nintendo or Sega consoles, you were playing DOS games on your PC. But with Iron Man-level computers coming out bigger and better every year, PCs are becoming too advanced to ...Read More

on December 5, 2012 10:06 PM
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Lara Gets Bitten in New Tomb Raider Screenshots

Square-Enix has released a few new screenshots showing of their upcoming action/adventure game Tomb Raider. Because this series reboot will feature a young, inexperienced Lara Croft, fans can expect to see her more weak and helpless than ...Read More

on December 3, 2012 9:30 PM
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Tell SEGA Which Characters You Want in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed


As reported by Joystiq, Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed will have DLC; and after fans started requesting new characters on the game's forums, developer Sumo Digital's executive producer Steve Lycett issued the following challenge: ...Read More

on November 28, 2012 12:07 AM
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Play Primordia’s Demo, Help Greenlight It On Steam

The cyberpunk adventure game Primordia is only a week away from release on PC, due out December 5th: and while indie publisher Wadjet Eye Games and develop Wormwood Studios has the game available for preorder through the ...Read More

on November 27, 2012 10:12 PM
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Syberia III Announced!


Publisher Anuman Interactive and studio Microids have announced--via their facebook page--that the sequel to their highly-praised Syberia series is underway. ...Read More

on November 26, 2012 11:18 PM
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Hitman: Absolution Hits Over 50,000 Levels in Contracts Mode


Hitman: Absolution has been out for less than a few days, and yet Square Enix is already reporting over 50, 000 levels created in Absolution's CONTRACTS mode. ...Read More

on November 23, 2012 10:13 PM