E3 2012


Scot Amos Teases at New IP from Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Dynamics, the developer of the classic Tomb Raider series, has recently caused a stir in the gaming community by recruiting staff for a new "cutting- edge third-person action adventure" for next-generation platforms. Although details are scarce


E3 2012: Hands-Off Preview: Star Trek

Star Trek is an intellectual property that has not fared well in its latest console incarnations. The most recent of which was Star Trek Legacy, developed by Mad Doc Software and published by Bethesda. The title was


E3 2012: Hands On: World of Warplanes

E3 2012 had some pretty large booths set up for some amazing games. One of the biggest areas was occupied by Wargaming.net, the creative minds being the free-to-play MMOG World of Tanks. The title launched around