Want Madden 2010 for Free?

Did I get your attention? Who doesn’t want Madden 2010 free? Well here is your chance, simply order a $49 subscription to Sports Illustrated and get the following:


DualShockers Weekend Wrap-Up

This week was a monstrous one. It was one pretty solid week with reviews and editorials galore. There was plenty to keep readers busy. This is our 1st official week and only a taste of what's to


Five New Tracks for LEGO Rock Band

There have been a lot of different versions of Rock Band and Guitar Hero but Lego Rock Band is probably the most unique and unlikely. If it has as much success as the other titles it will


Olivia Munn Breaking Gamer Stereotypes

Recently Olivia Munn of Attack of the Show fame has been immortalized in the first ever 2 month July/August edition of the ever popular men’s magazine, Playboy. Off the bat everyone thought that Olivia would be showing


How Long Should a Reviewer Play a Game?

Reviews are always a touchy subject, especially in the video game industry. Many people view game reviews as biased because of certain allegiances review sites have with developers and certain kick backs they take. Even more important