Madden Will be on 3DS at Launch

EA's Madden NFL Football will be available for the 3DS at the launch of the system, continuing their tradition of being available on every game system that still makes new games. The 3DS version will be taking


Rumor: 3DS Release Date Is March 11, 2011

Until yesterday, the 3DS was not listed with a release outside of Japan. However, according to a reader of the Official Nintendo Magazine, there is a date listed for the European and U.S. releases! The date


Team Ninja Addresses Itagaki Loss

It's no secret that famed game creator Tomonobu Itagaki left Team Ninja after a rather nasty engagement featuring a filed lawsuit more than two years ago. What has been a secret however is how the studio viewed


Nintendo Recognizes Apple as Threat

Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime has recently expressed that he's not too worried about Sony and Microsoft. What Nintendo should be worried about is Apple, and its invasion of the portable market space with


Music Matters (Especially in Gaming)

Video games stand at the forefront of modern entertainment. Much more than child's play, video games manage to outperform Hollywood movies. As demographically targeted and niche as they are, they manage to transcend the merits of virtually


Tales of the Abyss Being Remade for the 3DS

Along with all the other 3DS announcements today, was Namco-Bandai's surprise little nugget of information that they'll be remaking the PS2's Tales of the Abyss for the upcoming handheld system. This is great news, since it is


Mega Man Legends 3 Project Coming Soon

If your a Mega Man fan, then I'm sure you just soiled yourself. You read correct, the Mega Man series is coming to 3DS. Details are scarce at the moment, althought the developers promise more to come


Nintendo 3DS Details Surface

From their Nintendo Conference, some details have finally surfaced. Looking at a February 26, 2011 in Japan, with a Western release not too far after that. It's coming off for 25,000 Yen, $299 in American money. The


Specs for 3DS Revealed

The specs for Nintendo's upcoming handheld, the 3DS has been made known thanks to Kotaku. From the looks of it, the 3DS will be more advanced than it predecessors by a good chunk, but that should be