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Tomb Raider Legends: the Board Game Is Grappling for a February 2019 Release

From the creators of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game comes Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game, which is set to release in February 2019 ...Read More

on October 3, 2018 10:11 AM
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Fortnite’s New Defence Item Is the Port-A-Fortress and It’s Coming Soon!

An all new item will be arriving in Fortnite's Battle Royale. The Port-A-Fortress is set to make its way onto the playing field, helping players in their defense strategies ...Read More

on September 17, 2018 8:38 AM
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Fortnite is Getting a Monopoly Board Game and Nerf Blasters from Hasbro

If Fortnite hasn't already invaded your life, Hasbro is bringing the ever-popular Battle Royale title to stores through Monopoly and Nerf blasters. ...Read More

on September 6, 2018 9:50 PM
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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign by Steamforged Games; Funded in Two Hours

Created in partnership with Guerrilla Games and SIEE, Steamforged Games has launched (and already funded) a campaign for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game. ...Read More

on September 6, 2018 8:39 PM
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New Collectible Card Game Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush Will Premiere at PAX West

The developers of Super Meat Boy have created a collectible card game titled Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush and it is available now. ...Read More

on September 1, 2018 10:42 AM
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DualShockers, Independence, Affiliates, and You

Beginning April 3, 2018, DualShockers is expanding our business practices to make sure we are well equipped to keep delivering independent, niche content. ...Read More

on April 2, 2018 1:37 PM
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Deadly Premonition-based Board Game’s Deluxe Edition Getting a Limited Run on Amazon, Pre-orders Available Now

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game is coming to (virtual) store shelves, with pre-orders now open for the cult-classic based board game on Amazon. ...Read More

on January 27, 2018 6:48 PM