RockBand Review (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Everyone get those devil horns out as EA Mobile and Harmonix’s Rockband is available for download via App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch for the price of $10. Although the price is a bit high


NoA’s Fils-Aime Fills Us In

It seems like Nintendo of America's President and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime was interviewed in the Sunday iteration of the Washington Post. Fils-Aime starts by talking about the shift in the gaming audience, and how gaming is well


Sega Dreamcast iPhone Dock

As most of you remember, 9/9/09 marked the 10 year anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast, Sega's ambitious console that was killed by the Sony Playstation. It seems that Jay Hauf found a unique way to keep his


Metal Gear Solid Touch on Sale for 2.99

Konami's Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone and iPod touch has finally hit the proverbial digital bargain bin. Produced by Kojima productions, the same team behind the Metal Gear saga for the other consoles produced the


Review: Mega Man II (iPhone)

I have to admit that I did not know that Mega Man II was available for my iPhone until a buddy of mine came by and showed me the demo. Once I got the demo in my


The Sims 3 World Adventures Revealed

Everyone's extended favorite mumbo-jumbo speaking people from The Sims 3 will be getting an expansion this fall.  The claustrophic inhabitants from the world of The Sims 3 will now be off to an adventure to famous


DualShockers Weekend Wrap-Up

This week was a monstrous one. It was one pretty solid week with reviews and editorials galore. There was plenty to keep readers busy. This is our 1st official week and only a taste of what's to


How Long Should a Reviewer Play a Game?

Reviews are always a touchy subject, especially in the video game industry. Many people view game reviews as biased because of certain allegiances review sites have with developers and certain kick backs they take. Even more important