New LOTRO: Siege of Mirkwood Trailer

If you're fond of adventuring through the land of Middle Earth in Turbine's MMO Lord of the Rings Online, you can look forward to an expansion to the fun and excitement that comes with the pitter-patter of


CryEngine 3 Is Officially Out

With the gaming world getting so used to the Unreal 2 engine, it is nice to finally see Crytek release their new engine. Upon initially reading the press release, it almost seemed if the CryEngine 3 was


Trade-Ins: The Ugly Truth

Oh dear me this subject cannot go without a bashing. I simply cannot allow it, because every time this topic goes untouched, I feel like I have testicular cancer. It's very tough to prove that theory, I


Win a Free Copy of Borderlands!

Borderlands is one of the most talked about up-and-coming new IPs this fall.  Its release date is barely over a week away, but you might not have to buy your copy.  Sound good?  You


Dragon Age Launch DLC

The game has yet to be released and already there are incantations of DLC for the upcoming RPGish game. Well, that's not a bad thing - it only shows that the developers might be really advocating support


New Final Fantasy XIV Media

PlayStation 3 and PC owners will be happy to hear that there are some new Final Fantasy XIV media for us to show you. Released today, these images - if it's in game that is - will


Fresh Lord of the Rings Online Images

Hot off the press, so to speak, Turbine sent along some exterior shots depicting the tower of Dol Guldur, which is part of the Siege of Mirkwood digital expansion for Lord of the Rings Online.  This


Confirmed: Alpha Protocal Pushed to 2010

A few week's back, there had been mixed reports about Sega's upcoming Espionage/Action RPG being delayed. Most people noticed it, through online retailers Amazon (Canada) and Gamestop listing it with an anticipated release date of July 2010.


Steam Adds More EA Games To Their List

Steam. Everyone who's been playing PC games for the last decade will know the name. It is one of the first major applications to introduce digital download of full PC games. Some people hate it, some people


Dragon Age Origins Trailer

The video shown here is the creators of Dragon Age Origins and their view of the game. Bioware explains to us what the world of the game is like and how they believe the world itself will