Metro 2033 PC Required Specs Announced

Hey everybody out there in the PC gaming world.  You are not forgotten.  As we heard recently Metro 2033 will support some of the most advanced DirectX11 features of any game on the market soon


First Joe Danger Trailer Looks Amazing

After watching this trailer, two words came to mind. Excite-Bike. Alright, maybe those words plus two more. On Acid. It looks amazing, and more than that, it looks insidiously fun!


Alpha Protocol Release Date

Sega unveiled a new release date, and this time, they mean it. The Espionage RPG Alpha Protocol is scheduled to hit North America June 1st. With a plot that is ripped from today's headlines, and more twists


RISEN Trailer is Here!

Welcome to RISEN ladies and gents, let's just clear this up for those who do not know, this game is a Action Role Playing Game (Action RPG) for Xbox 360 as well as PC.  With a


Just Cause 2 Demo on March 4th

Oh yes, soon all of us will be able to visit the fictional island country of Panau to blow shit up and do insane stunts. Just Cause 2 community manager, Mike Oldman, recently twittered about the release


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Quotes Trailer

Battlefield has sent out a new trailer for their upcoming release of Bad Company 2.  The trailer is jam packed full of action and thrilling kills, with some massive explosions thrown in for some good times.


MLB2K10 Developer Call Conference

Today DualShockers listened in on the MLB2K10 Developer Call conference and got to hear insight behind the game and daily operations at 2K Sports from Ben Bishop (Producer, 2K Sports), Jonathan Rivera (Gameplay Designer, 2K Sports), Sean


Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Walkthrough

Producer Anders Gyllenberg gives an overview on the PC-specific features that gamers can look forward to on release of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Some of the features games can expect will be PC-specific graphical enhancement options, server