The Beatles: Rock Band NYC Event

The DualShockers team was invited to attend a New York City event to premier the newest title in the Rock Band lineage, Rock Band Beatles. The event looks to let gamers get hands on with the title


Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Action

Straight from GameCom, here is a great video to show you some Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Action, sure to be a smash hit. I had not heard about the Bakugan craze until one of my younger nephews brought


Dirt 2 – Force Dynamics

Dirt 2 is looking tight so far. Here is a great video showcasing how realistic the game can be, especially when coupled with a real sweet simulator. Ken Block, Pro Rally Driver and technical consultant for Dirt


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen DLC

Did you see the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie and/or video game? Not impressed with either? Yeah me either, but now you can get your hand son some DLC to possibly make at least the game


Bye-bye PS3 OS Install

The PlayStation 3, at one point in time, was idolized by geeks all over the world when they heard news that Sony's console was capable of running other operating systems (Linux, to be more accurate).  In


PS3 Firmware v3.00 Announcement

PlayStation blog's own, Eric Lempel is back with some good ol' fashioned firmware sweetness. Unfortunately, this update DOES NOT include the mythical backwards compatibility and/or PS2 store that i think many were hoping for. But in the


EyePet + Camera = 50 Euros Bundle

EyePet is the sort of thing that people like Michael Vick should have been exposed to before.  Take your virtual pet, beat his ass immensely without realistically having to worry about digging hiding spots in your


Everyone, Meet the New PS3 Slim

*Cleans hands and wraps it in a towel*  So, I just finished punching the shit out of some mirrors and what not due to utter shock and excitement.  Why?  Oh, guess you haven't heard


GamesCom: LEGO Rock Band Demolition Trailer

LEGO Rock Band debuted back at E309, but was for the most part drowned out by all the buzz surrounding "The Beatles Rock Band". Aimed towards are more kid friendly experience LEGO Rock Band brings much more