PlayStation Store Update 9/4

Well everyone, this is my first official PlayStation Store update post for the Dualshockers, so I hope that you will all wait for this every week with great anticipation. First and foremost, the newest issue of Qore


Reality TV – Now on the PSN

No, you aren't going blind.  Yes, you read that right.  As if we didn't have enough reality shows proliferating network and cable television, Sony is cooking up one of its own for the PlayStation Network.


Sega Looking for Bayonetta Model

We got word today that Sega has teamed up with Maxim and is looking for a real life Bayonetta model to represent the franchise. Entries will be collected until the end of September so you will have


Modern Warfare 2 Flag Runner Trailer

It looks we are graced with another Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer video, and hot damn does it look good. The mode covered in this video is the flag capture mode, which looks intense. Teamwork and a quick


WET Demo Impressions

When I first downloaded this demo I have to say I was initially let down. I downloaded it on the PS3 first and was subjected to what I believed to be lackluster visuals. I quickly thought to


Uncharted 2 Cinema Mode

According to a video done by Inside Gaming, Uncharted 2 will feature a Cinema mode for the online multiplayer. Some may ask, what is this feature? Well, this is the new way that you and your friends


Firmware 3.00 Live

As many of you remember, Sony announced a new firmaware at GamesCom that would introduce a plethora of new features. The firmware was set for a September 1, 2009, but it looks like the good folks at


Need For Speed: Shift TV Spot

Need for Speed used to be one of my favorite racing titles, especially right after the first Fast and the Furious movie dropped. The games allowed you to customize/tune your whip, drift around race tracks and drag


DC Universe Green Latern Screenshots

2010 is quicky approaching and with it comes one of the most ambitious games on the horizon. That game, is PS3 (console) exclusive DC Universe online. As more time passes more information continues to trickle out including


The Beatles: Rock Band Commercial

MTV Games and Harmonix are proud to present The Beatles: Rock Band commercial spot that takes the iconic Abbey Road photograph from 1969 and brings it to life for a new generation.


2K Sports NHL 2K10 Conference Call

DualShockers has been invited to attend a developer’s call with the 2K Sport’s NHL 2K10 team which includes: Ben Bishop (Producer), Abe Navarro (Lead Gameplay Producer) and Anthony Yampol (Gameplay Producer). We will be live blogging this


Trine on PS3 – When?

One of the most interesting and gorgeous games coming to the PSN sometime in the future is Trine. This title has a long and frustrating history for those of us wanting to play it on our PS3s