Review: Madden NFL 10 (360, PS3)

Many moons ago, during the 2005 NFL draft, EA Sports unveiled a teaser trailer showcasing what to expect from the Madden series when it would make the leap to next-gen consoles. After the target video aired, gamers


Madden Curse Turns into UFC Curse

Forrest Griffin may have fallen victim to the newest Madden UFC curse. If you happened to watch UFC 101, you may have seen Forrest Griffin get dominated in perhaps the greatest of fashions.


Review: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

Fighting games were once considered a slumbering genre. With only a handful of mediocre titles making their way onto our consoles, it became a dying breed that uninspired many gamers with its mix of bland combat, repetitive


Want Madden 2010 for Free?

Did I get your attention? Who doesn’t want Madden 2010 free? Well here is your chance, simply order a $49 subscription to Sports Illustrated and get the following:


UFC 2009 Undisputed Patched Finally

After much waiting and anticipation UFC 2009 Undisputed fans can now get back to playing online. The patch hit today for all Xbox 360 users and PS3 European players. We are waiting for word of when U.


Wet Still On Track For September Release

With most games lately doing the 2010 shuffle, Bethesda Softworks Announced to day that their "highly-stylized shooter " Wet, starring Eliza Dushku (yum) was still on track for a September release. Originally, Wet was supposed to be


Fedor Emelianenko Signs with EA Sports MMA

With the huge success of UFC 2009 Undisputed it was no surprise that EA was also jumping onto the MMA bandwagon and making their own MMA title. Once this was announced there was some quick controversy as


MvC2 Stat Tracking Details

Just now Capcom announced that the MvC2 producer Rey Jimenez has posted the details of the stat tracking capabilities for MvC2. You will be able to get lists of your rating, rank, wins/losses, total snapbacks, total combos,


Rock Band DLC Week of 7/27

This week I will definitely have to dust off my drum set because this list is jam packed with many popular favorites. You have track packs from the recently reunited pop/punk trio of Blink-182,  Weezer, and Kiss


Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Footage

Anyone who is a fan of First Person Shooters on consoles knows the name Modern Warfare - it's become a household name in the online multiplayer community.  With the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern


Darkness Sequel Announced

Anyone recall Jackie Estecado? The Italian badass from multiplatform FPS The Darkness that went around consuming hearts and faces? No? Well then, you probably won't give two shits about this post.  However, if you are familiar