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The Banner Saga Series Soundtrack Gets Discussed in New Video

Violinist Taylor Davis and vocalists Peter Hollens and Malukah discuss how much they enjoyed working on the soundtrack of The Banner Saga series. ...Read More

on July 21, 2018 4:00 PM
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Overview Trailer Shared for the Surreal Fantasy Game Another Sight

Developer Lunar Great Wall Studios gives an overview of the game Another Sight that was inspired by the novel Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. ...Read More

on July 21, 2018 2:59 PM
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Digimon Survive for PS4 and Nintendo Switch Gets First 1080p Screenshots and Details

Bandai Namco released the first screenshots and details of the upcoming Digimon game Digimon Survive, which will come for PS4 and Switch. ...Read More

on July 21, 2018 12:31 PM
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Spacelords Isn’t Coming to Nintendo Switch For Now, But a Future Port Isn’t Out of the Question

Spacelords Game Director Enric Álvarez explains why Raiders of the Broken Planet's relaunch won't include the Switch but doesn't close the door for the future. ...Read More

on July 21, 2018 6:29 AM
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Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate’s Trailer Shows The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Content

Capcom launched a new trailer of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, showcasing the crossover content with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. ...Read More

on July 20, 2018 4:22 PM
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Brawlout is Heading to PS4 in August; Yooka-Laylee are Joining the Fight

The indie fighting game Brawlout heads to PS4 in late August, while the game's next guest character will be the platforming duo Yooka-Laylee. ...Read More

on July 20, 2018 3:09 PM
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Multiplayer Finally Comes to Stardew Valley for PC in August

After being in public beta the past few months, Stardew Valley's multiplayer is finally releasing on PC, Mac, and Linux early next month. ...Read More

on July 20, 2018 12:15 PM
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Fortnite Celebrates First Birthday with Exclusive Rewards and Challenges

Fortnite's latest event to celebrate its first year of release will kick off next week starting on July 24. ...Read More

on July 20, 2018 11:53 AM
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The Walking Dead: The Final Season Debuts 15 Minutes of Gameplay Footage at San Diego Comic-Con

During San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Telltale Games showcased new gameplay footage from the first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. ...Read More

on July 20, 2018 11:46 AM
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New Update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Adds Breath of the Wild Content

New content based on last year's release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has come to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for free. ...Read More

on July 20, 2018 11:21 AM
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Gal*Gun 2 Releases on Steam with New Launch Trailer

PC Players can finally enjoy Inti Create's Gal*Gun 2 on their own rigs, courtesy of PQube, that released the game on Steam today. ...Read More

on July 20, 2018 10:24 AM
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SEGA Comments on Lack of Double-Sided Box Art with Xbox One Copies of Sonic Mania Plus

The physical edition of Sonic Mania Plus was supposed to come with double-sided art but some purchasers on Xbox One have found it missing entirely. ...Read More

on July 20, 2018 10:10 AM
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New Mega Man 11 1080p Screenshots and Trailer Show New Boss Torch Man and New Stage

A new gallery of Mega Man 11 screenshots and a trailer show the new enemy Torch Man, his stage, the Blazing Torch weapon that you can earn, and more. ...Read More

on July 20, 2018 12:22 AM
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For the Creators of Overcooked There Were Too Few Cooks in the Kitchen

Speaking with Nintendo Power Podcast, Ghost Town Games shared humorous anecdotes about the struggles of creating a game with only two people. ...Read More

on July 19, 2018 7:56 PM
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Nidhogg 2 is Now Available on Xbox One with New Levels

The cult hit fighting game Nidhogg 2 is now available for Xbox One owners to enjoy, and is bringing some new levels along with it. ...Read More

on July 19, 2018 4:46 PM