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Check Out Some Doom Gameplay On Nintendo Switch

I was not expecting it to look this good. ...Read More

on September 21, 2017 8:42 PM
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DualShockers Community Playdate: Let’s Raid!

This week’s DualShockers Community Playdate is taking us all the way to the Raid!

What Are We Playing?

Destiny 2 on PS4 

Where Can I Watch? ...Read More

on September 21, 2017 3:27 PM
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NBA 2K18 Review — A Euro Step in a New Direction

NBA 2K18 introduces some of the biggest changes that the series has seen in years and with that comes certain growing pains. While the overall gameplay is once again masterful, too many bugs and minor issues hold it back from reaching its full potential at launch. ...Read More

on September 21, 2017 3:13 PM
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DOOM for Nintendo Switch Preview — Hell on the Go

Coming off its announcement last week, DualShockers had the chance to see how DOOM looks (and plays) in its upcoming Nintendo Switch version. ...Read More

on September 21, 2017 10:00 AM
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Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Review — Who Said that Fanservice Games Can’t Be Good?

Senran Kagura's ninja waifus are back, but this time around they're armed with water guns and bikinis, ready to splash their way into the fans' hearts. ...Read More

on September 21, 2017 3:01 AM
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Mixer Interview — Ben Favreau Shows How Easy it Is to Start Broadcasting and More

DualShockers has a chat with Ben Favreau from, Mixer to discuss how easy it is to start broadcasting and set up a co-stream through Mixer on Xbox One and Windows 10. ...Read More

on September 20, 2017 2:36 PM
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Xbox One X & Samsung Interview – Exploring the Partnership for Microsoft’s New Console

Microsoft and Samsung have partnered to support the Xbox One's launch, and DualShockers talks with a rep from the popular TV manufacturer. ...Read More

on September 20, 2017 1:00 PM
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Xbox One X Interview — Product Manager Talks the “World’s Most Powerful Console” and More

Xbox One X Product Manager talks about the power under the hood, the size, and how Microsoft isn't going to forget the Xbox One S. ...Read More

on September 20, 2017 11:15 AM
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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Interview — Director Talks Gameplay. Xbox One X, Frame Rate and More

DualShockers chats with Middle-earth: Shadow of War Creative Director Michael de Plater about gameplay, the nemesis system and the Xbox One X. ...Read More

on September 20, 2017 7:25 AM
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Sea of Thieves Interview — Rare Studio Head Talks Gameplay, Chat, Xbox One X and More

DualShockers talks with Rare Studio Head Craig Duncan about all things Sea of Thieves, including gameplay, communication methods and Xbox One X. ...Read More

on September 20, 2017 6:23 AM
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Xbox One X: Take a Closer Hands-on Look at the Sleek “Project Scorpio Edition”

DualShockers gets touchy-feely with an Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, showing every angle, the vertical stand, and the ports on the back. ...Read More

on September 20, 2017 3:01 AM
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RUINER Interview — Nowhere to Hide

Brutal. Intense. Violent. ...Read More

on September 19, 2017 2:05 PM
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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Review — Same Monokuma, Completely New Approach

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony will keep you keep you entertained from start to finish as you participate in a new killing game with new lives on the line. ...Read More

on September 19, 2017 1:00 PM
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Forza Motorsport 7 Interview — Creative Director Talks Xbox One X, 4K HDR and More

DualShockers talks with Forza Motorsport 7 Creative Director Bill Giese tells us about he features and visuals packed under the console's hood. ...Read More

on September 19, 2017 11:44 AM
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Mary Skelter: Nightmares Review — Finally A Grimm Fairy Tale With Waifus

Mary Skelter: Nightmares bring horror to the Dungeon Crawling RPG genre with many unique systems and an impressive story. ...Read More

on September 18, 2017 2:12 PM
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$999 iPhone X Puts the Price of Xbox One X in Perspective

The announcement of the iPhone X and of its base price point of $999 provides some much needed perspective on the $499 Xbox One X. ...Read More

on September 18, 2017 11:25 AM
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Pokkén Tournament DX Review — Round 2, Fight!

Pokkén Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch is a ton of fun, but outside of a couple new fighters, is ultimately not worth buying again if you already own the game on Wii U. ...Read More

on September 18, 2017 10:30 AM
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Destiny 2 Review — Seeing Things in a New Light

After besting the Raid, and going Flawless in Trials of the Nine, we've had time to think, and time to give Destiny 2 a score. ...Read More

on September 17, 2017 4:25 PM
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VR Sense Preview — Feel the Scent of the Girls in Dead or Alive Extreme and More

DualShockers gets some hands-on time with VR Sense, Koei Tecmo's take on the future of arcade virtual reality entertainment. ...Read More

on September 17, 2017 9:21 AM
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Attack on Titan 2 Interview — First Details Unleashed: Platforms, Gameplay, Story and More

The men behind the upcoming Attack on Titan 2 unleash the first real info on what you can expect on the upcoming early 2018-bound game. ...Read More

on September 16, 2017 12:21 PM
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Battlefield 1: In The Name of the Tsar Interview — Philosophy, Gameplay, Balance and More

Battlefield 1 is getting a new DLC soon, In the Name of the Tzar, and Producer Andrew Gulotta explains what you can expect from the Russian front. ...Read More

on September 16, 2017 10:54 AM
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Mary Skelter: Nightmares Interview — Director Talks Development, Characters, and Possible Future

DualShocker speaks with Mary Skelter: Nightmares director Atsushi Ishizuka about the development and story of the upcoming dungeon crawling RPG. ...Read More

on September 15, 2017 1:00 PM
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ECHO Preview — A Unique Approach to Story-driven Stealth Gameplay

ECHO from developer Ultra Ultra has many unique systems and mechanics that could easily set it apart from other stealth games. ...Read More

on September 15, 2017 11:30 AM
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Long Gone Days Interview — The Ambiguous Morality of War

We chat with Long Gone Days creator Camila Gormaz about the game's inspirations, dialogue choices, morality system, story, world, and much, much more. ...Read More

on September 15, 2017 10:35 AM
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DualShockers’ Community Playdate: Destiny 2

Looks like we’re playing Destiny 2 during this week’s DualShockers Community Playdate! We asked our followers to choose via a twitter poll, and Destiny 2 won again. ...Read More

on September 14, 2017 2:41 PM
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ShockCast: Episode 45 — The Remasters are Coming!

Nintendo Direct predictions, remastered games (potentially) coming to current gen consoles, and our favorite games of all time are discussed in this week's ShockCast! ...Read More

on September 14, 2017 12:47 PM
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Project Octopath Traveler Preview — A New Approach to Classic RPGs

Project Octopath Traveler is a mature and unique RPG that has a promising story premise and battle system. ...Read More

on September 14, 2017 12:30 PM
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How to Join the Official DualShockers Clan in Destiny 2

Clans are shaping up to be a much bigger deal in Destiny 2 than they were in the original game. These groups are a great way to find fellow Guardians to play alongside during Strikes, Crucible and ...Read More

on September 14, 2017 11:16 AM
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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Interview — Devs Talk PS4, Development, Characters, and Much More

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Director Takeo Kujiraoka and Producer Ichiro Hazama talk about the long road from the arcade release to the PS4 version. ...Read More

on September 13, 2017 1:38 PM
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Hand of The Gods: SMITE Tactics Giveaway — Grab a Free Chinese Starter Pack

You can now grab one of 5,000 free Chinese Starter Packs for Hand of The Gods: SMITE Tactics on PC to help you build your deck. ...Read More

on September 13, 2017 9:00 AM