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FIFA 19 Interview — Director and Producer Discuss Ronaldo Transfer, Champions League, and Kick-Off

DualShockers discusses the addition of Champions League, RPM, and the reworked Kick-Off mode with FIFA 19's Creative Director and Gameplay Producer. ...Read More

on August 4, 2018 11:43 AM
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Marvel’s Spider-Man Creative Director Comments on Possibility of a Sequel, Mary Jane, and Avengers

Marvel's Spider-Man Creative Director Bryan Intihar shares insight on Mary Jane's role, the absence of the Avengers, and the future. ...Read More

on August 2, 2018 9:59 AM
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NHL 19 Interview — Creative Director Discusses World of CHEL, Ones, and More

NHL 19 Creative Director William Ho discusses PS4 and Xbox One game's new online features, the possibility of switching to Frostbite, and more. ...Read More

on July 26, 2018 12:00 PM
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Madden NFL 19 Interview — Producer Talks PC, Longsnappers, RPM, and More

Madden NFL 19 Producer Ben Haumiller talks to DualShockers about the game's PC port, RPM, Longshot: Homecoming, and More ...Read More

on July 24, 2018 10:00 AM
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Dauntless Interview — Director and Team Talk Open Beta and the Future of Dauntless

Director Jesse Houston, Senior Designer Chris Fox, and Marketing Manager Nick Clifford talk Dauntless' open beta as well as what the future holds. ...Read More

on July 23, 2018 11:30 AM
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Spacelords Interview — Art Director Talks Inspiration: Comics, Anime, Spaghetti Western, and Music

Spacelords Art Director Jorge Benedito talks about his work and the many forms of media that inspired the look and feel of the game. ...Read More

on July 22, 2018 12:40 PM
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Spacelords Interview — Lead Designer Talks Free to Play, Replayability, Progression, and More

Spacelords Lead Designer Joan Amat talks about the shift from Raiders of the Broken Planet to the new free to play game, alongside a variety of development info. ...Read More

on July 22, 2018 11:25 AM
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MercurySteam Interview — Studio Head on How the Studio Was Saved, Working with Nintendo, and More

MercurySteam rose from the ashes to create three Castlevania games and Metroid: Samus Returns. Studio Head Enric Álvarez explains how it all happened. ...Read More

on July 21, 2018 1:13 PM
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Spacelords Interview — Director Talks Relaunch, Cross-Play, Free to Play, Next-Gen, and Much More

MercurySteam Studio Head Enric Álvarez explains what went into the upcoming relaunch of Raiders of the Broken Planet, which will become Spacelords. ...Read More

on July 21, 2018 10:45 AM
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Underworld Ascendant Interview — Director Discusses Player Choice, Realized Worlds, and Influences

Game Director and Writer Joe Fielder discusses OtherSide Entertainment's upcoming immersive sim Underworld Ascendant, as well as his career in the industry. ...Read More

on July 21, 2018 10:10 AM
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Control Interview — Game Director Talks Remedy’s Multiplatform Transition, Gameplay Focus, and More

Remedy Entertainment's Mikael Kasurinen spoke to us at E3 about Control and the vastly different development decisions the studio has made with the project. ...Read More

on July 19, 2018 9:30 AM
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Total War: Three Kingdoms Interview — Developers Discuss Improvements, AI, Duels, and More

DualShockers sat down with Total War: Three Kingdoms' Senior Designer and Art Director to talk about the new things this entry brings to the table. ...Read More

on July 13, 2018 10:00 AM
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Battlefield V Interview — Creative Director Talks War Stories, Battle Royale, and Post-Launch Plans

During EA Play we spoke to Lars Gustavsson about Battlefield V and what both returning players and new ones can expect this time around. ...Read More

on July 13, 2018 8:00 AM
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Cyberpunk 2077 Interview — The Shift to First-Person, Similarities to The Witcher 3, and More

Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Designer Patrick Mills explains the transition to first-person and quells fears about creating your own character. ...Read More

on July 12, 2018 8:00 AM
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David “Killinallday” Acosta Interview — Is It the Year of Killinallday?

David "Killinallday" Acosta discusses his preparation, strategy, The Witchwood, and hashtag prior to the HCT Summer Championship. ...Read More

on July 9, 2018 3:49 PM