Catherine: Full Body Adult Love Issues Theater Third Video Focuses on Katherine

Studio Zero and Atlus released the third Adult Love Issues Theater video for Catherine: Full Body, showing Katherine's side of the story.

By Iyane Agossah

November 8, 2018

Atlus and Studio Zero released the third Catherine: Full Body Adult Love Issues Theater video. This time it focuses on Katherine and is titled “The Lover”.

As always with these type of videos, and trailers in general, you should keep in mind that the voice clips played during the scenes shown may actually not be the ones played during these scenes in the actual game.

The video starts with Katherine asking Vincent how long have they been dating now, and how she might be pregnant. Next, we hear Vincent saying it’s not like he doesn’t want to stay with Katherine, but thinks it’s too early for marriage. After his night with Catherine, Vincent keeps repeating how “it’s an accident”, running away from reality. Katherine says her parents keep asking her when she’ll get married and starts telling Vincent all the things they’d have to plan when marrying, like how they’d handle the chores, and then gets angry as Vincent doesn’t seem to be listening.

After that, one of Vincent’s friends tells him getting married means your life ends. Next, we see Vincent smoking in bed (never do this), with Katherine saying they need to decide on a date to meet her parents, and how it might be too early to think of a name for the kid. Lastly, we see Vincent suddenly running off, probably after a call from Rin, despite being with Katherine, saying he’ll contact her later. Katherine however, isn’t surprised, saying she already knew things would go this way. The video ends with her asking Vincent if he’s really not hiding anything.

The video is included below. The first “Adult Love Issues Theater” video focused on Vincent, the second one on Rin. You can check the list of voice actresses for the “Ideal Voice” DLC for Catherine, which is quite interesting as all of the voice actresses participated in the Persona series.

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You can also check the latest screenshots on the game, showing Rin together with Vincent during the puzzle parts, the Nero Glasses DLC that makes everyone into their underwear, and new details about multiplayer and the Persona 5 collaboration. Speaking of which, you can check gameplay with Joker here. Lastly, the game’s third trailer was released.

Catherine: Full Body releases on February 14th for PS4 and Vita in Japan. The game will come west in “2019”.

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