Catch a Glimpse of the Catherine Full Body Art Book and Soundtrack Setlist

Atlus has shared some images from Catherine Full Body's art book as well as the track listing for the soundtrack, both available in the Dynamite Edition.

December 7, 2018

Some new images for the Catherine Full Body art book and the track list for all four CD’s for the soundtrack have been released online.

Atlus posted some more information about the art book and soundtrack that comes with orders of the Dynamite Full Body BOX Edition of Catherine Full Body which releases for Japan PlayStation 4 and Vita players on February 14, 2019 and sometime later for the rest of the world. The art book will be 52 pages and share the dimensions with a DVD case though is read in a landscape orientation going by the screenshots.

Meanwhile the soundtrack spans four discs, two of which being the soundtrack for the original Catherine game and one being the new Full Body version and lastly a fourth disc with cast interviews.


You can find the full track listing below, as well as an image gallery with some peaks into what the art book and CDs will look like. The Ideal Voice DLC for Catherine Full Body will allow players to pick and choose from various Persona voice actors to voice Catherine in-game. Other DLC allows you to play as Joker from Persona 5, who just got announced as a DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate as well.

● DISC 1
“Catherine” Original Soundtrack
01 YO
02 It’s a Golden Show
03 Ru
04 Love Washington
05 Brooks talks
06 Lost lamb
07 Fear
08 Shura
09 Untitled
10 at more choice
11 Result
12 Good Morning, New Day
13 R30’s depression
14 Shepherdeen
15 ant
16 Stalked In The Dark
17 Loser’s Way
18 Female Hand
19 “Zigeunerweisen” Salacert
20 ♂ and Female Rum Game
21 Tension
22 Door
23 Revelation
24 Loss
25 Awakening
26 Instincts
27 Journey
28 Jorokkobi’s Utah
29 Battle on Stage
30 Up Up Up!
31 Stage
32 Rapunzel ~ Game Play ~
33 Rapunzel ~ Name Entry ~
34 Rapunzel ~ Game Over ~
35 HEN to HEN
● DISC 2
“Catherine” Classical Arrange Soundtrack
01 Holst ”
Symphony Planet <Mars>, <Jupiter>” 02 Beethoven “Symphony No. 5 H minor <Destiny> Third movement”
03 Bach “Small Fugue G minor”
04 Dvorak “Symphony No. 9 in E minor <From the New World> 1st movement, 3rd movement ”
05 Rossini” William Tell Overture Part 2 <Arashi “, Part 3 <Silence>
06 Borodin” The Dutan’s Dance ”
07 Mussorgsky” paintings of the suite “Chicken feet on foot to be built hut Baba Yaga (hut of Baba Yaga) ”
08 Bizet” Arles of the woman the second Suite Farandole ”
09 Chopin” revolution ”
10 Handel” <Messiah> Hallelujah chorus ”
11 Chopin” piano Sonata No. 2 <Funeral Transportation> Third Movement
● DISC 3
“Catherine · Full Body” Soundtrack
01 Silence’s sheep
02 YO (Acid Jazz ver)
03 Brooks talks about (Smooth Jazz ver)
04 Tomorrow
05 Have a good day
06 Sorrow
07 remembrance
0 8 Uhufu ♥
0 9 Door to possibility
10 Psalm (pending)
11 Staircase to the air
12 Wagner “Valkyrie’s
Violation ” 13 Beethoven “Piano · Sonata No. 14 Moonlight Op.27-2 Shihacha Minori The Third Movement”
14 Is that true? !
15 Delightful Utah
16 Delightful Music Box
17 The wolf’s we’re born to be!
18 No
19 Coliseum
20 Friendmatch
21 Rapunzel full body
● DISC 4
voice actor roundtable & audio commentary
01 Cast Interview “Yamadera Koichi”
02 Cast Interview “Sawashiro Miyuki”
03 Cast Interview “Mitsuishi Kotono”
04 Cast Interview “Hirano Aya”
05 Cast Interview “Koyasu Takehito”
06 Cast Interview “Hirata Hiroaki”
07 Cast Interview “Minagawa Junko”
08 Cast interview “Kanako Taniyama”
09 Cast interview “Norimoto Norio”
10 Roundtable Room Vincent & Lynn’s Room (Appearance: Koichi Yamadera · Aya Hirano)
11 Roundtable In Stray Sheep (Appearance: Takehito Koyasu, Hiroaki Hirata, Junko Minagawa Kisho Taniyama)
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