Catherine: Full Body's Newly-Revealed DLC Lets You Play as Catherine, Katherine, Rin and More

Here's a list of Catherine: Full Body's DLC revealed so far in Japan, including the newly-revealed DLC which lets you play as other characters.

January 9, 2019

Update: Corrected an error regarding the DLC’s release date. It’ll launch on February 14.

Another DLC for Catherine: Full Body has been revealed. The DLC will increase the number of playable characters, adding Catherine, Katherine, Rin, Erica, Toby, Jonny, Orlando, and Boss. They will only be playable in the game’s Babel and Coliseum modes, which we previously detailed. In short, Babel mode is a challenge mode, which is playable in co-op, while Coliseum is versus mode. Both modes are available from the start, are playable online and include online rankings. This DLC, priced at 200 Yen, will release along with the game in Japan.


Persona 5‘s Joker is also playable in the same modes, but he’s only included in first print copies as a DLC code.

Catherine: Full Body‘s first DLC is the Catherine Ideal Voice DLC pack. Catherine: Full Body includes two selectable voices for Catherine, and this DLC adds nine others voice actresses you can choose from. All the voice actresses also voiced Persona characters. You can find a full list with individual trailers here, and here’s a trailer with all of the voices.

The second DLC is the Nero Glasses DLC, which makes every character in the game appear in their underwear, and works during cutscenes as well. It can be switched on and off at any time.

All of these DLCs, except the newly-revealed one adding more characters, will be included in the limited edition of the game in Japan. While Catherine: Full Body was already announced in the west, it’s still unclear how each DLC will be distributed outside Japan.

Atlus will also make a special announcement for Catherine: Full Body on January 11. Meanwhile, the original Catherine, available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, is coming soon on Steam.

Catherine: Full Body is a remake of the original Catherine, with many improvements, adding new scenes, endings and new character Rin. This is obvious for the endings, but Studio Zero also already confirmed that it’s impossible to see all the new content in one playthrough. Some of these new scenes have been previewed in a series of videos we’ve translated. Lastly, the PlayStation 4’s share functionalities will be blocked in the second half of the game.

Catherine: Full Body will be available in Japan on February 14 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game is coming west in 2019 with no precise date or platforms. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Vita version doesn’t make the cut.

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