Catherine: Full Body Gets Trailers Revealing New Voices, Gameplay Footage, Persona 5 Collaboration

Catherine: Full Body Gets Trailers Revealing New Voices, Gameplay Footage, Persona 5 Collaboration

Catherine: Full Body gets first gameplay videos, development tidbits, details on the Japanese limited edition and a Persona 5 collaboration.

Today, during a four hours long livestream, Studio Zero revealed many details for Catherine: Full Body, showing live gameplay for the first time and revealing the contents of the limited edition and DLC.

The stream was presented by announcer Hisanori Yoshida, game journalist Mafia Kajita and voice actress Tomomi Isomura (Hifumi in Persona 5). Isomura-san and Kajita-san are used to Atlus related streams, as they both used to present the Persona Stalker Club streams.

The stream started by showing the brand new, second trailer for the game, before moving on to gameplay (click on the link to see it) using the demo which will be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2018. The demo was first played by the members of idol group Yumemiru Adolescence. When they moved on to versus mode, Studio Zero revealed the main reason online got added is thanks to western fans who play the game competitively. They directly cited Evo events,  and how the game has been played there for 7 years straight since release.

The second part of the stream(starting at 1:52:58) had two peculiar guests, Virtual Youtuber Mirai Akari, and Dewi Sukarno, an international Japanese celebrity and widow of former Indonesian president Sukarno. Devi Fujin as she is nicknamed, is widely known in Japan for her outspoken personality, as such, they asked her opinion on each of the game’s main characters:

Devi Fujin thinks it’s unrealistic such an indecisive, average looking guy like Vincent is so popular, to which the Studio Zero staff answered he was made that way so it’s easy to emphasize with him. While Vincent is in the wrong in the first place for cheating, she thinks Katherine shouldn’t confront him directly, as this would only leave her with bad outcomes. If he admits it and she forgives him, he’ll simply do it again, and if she doesn’t, they’ll break up. Katherine needs to turn a blind eye to it and do everything so Vincent stops cheating by himself.

Devi Fujin thinks Catherine is wrong for deciding to stay with Vincent after only one night together, that real love can’t be born after one night and if you do that you’ll mistake sex for love. As for Rin, she says her promise to stay with Vincent forever isn’t trustworthy seeing she’s an amnesiac. But acting as if you’re hopeless without them in a good way for a woman to make a man fall for her, as most men would think they must protect Rin.

She also thinks men tend to easily fall in love with women who take care of them, regardless of the woman’s looks,  and that true love is when each person can protect the other when they’re at their weakest.

The last part(starting at 3:15:25) had voice actress Ami Koshimizu as guest. She commented Tomomi Isomura’s playthrough of the demo. The demo also includes the game’s opening animation, even if it was skipped. People who play it at TGS will be able to see it. The demo ends with Vincent’s shocked face as he sees Rin’s naked body. Koshimizu san and Isomura-san think he’s shocked to see her hair down there is pink as well. Kajita-san says she might have a piercing, or her hair might be trimmed in a way to represent something, like a heart.

Moving on, they revealed the contents of the game’s Japanese limited edition. The limited edition’s cover by Soejima-san has the 3 heroines on it and removing the cover for it actually removes their clothing on the illustration.

Titled “Dynamic Full Body”, it will contain:

  • 4 CDs: the OST of Catherine, a classical arrange version of it, the OST of Catherine: Full Body, and audio commentary by Vincent’s voice actor Kouichi Yamadera and “his popular voice acting friends”. (They said it might include Takehito Koyasu and  Kishou Taniyama)
  • A 44 pages artbook, with a cover by Soejima-san
  • “Nero Glasses” with a download code for all of the game’s DLC

After that, they detailed the DLC for the game. The first DLC will allow you to select 10 different voices for Catherine, besides the original one by Miyuki Sawashiro (Koshimizu san jokes on how much they paid to get 10 different seiyuu). While the lines and scenes themselves don’t change, each voice also has a theme to it. This is in order to let the player choose how Catherine, Vincent’s ideal woman, would sound like. The first one is the “yandere” type voice by Mamiko Noto. This one will be in the game from the start without any DLC purchase required. The second one is the “maternal” type voice by Ami Koshimizu. Seeing Koshimizu-san voiced Yukiko in Persona 4, they hinted the other 9, which will be gradually revealed, may have voiced characters in past Studio Zero related works.

The second DLC, the “Nero Glasses” in-game function, will allow you to see every character in the game in a “sexy way” as shown in the screenshot below.

Last but not least, they revealed the game is getting a collaboration with Persona 5. First print editions of the game will contain a code to play as Joker in Babel and Coliseum modes, with the members of the Phantom Thieves commenting your actions.

Catherine: Full Body releases on PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on Valentines’ Day. The game is scheduled to come in the west in 2019 without platforms or precise release date announced. You can check the first TV commercial, trailers for the revealed Catherine voices, and a sneak peak at the Persona 5 crossover below.