Catherine: Full Body Gets New Details on Rin, Nero Glasses DLC, Persona 5 Collaboration

Catherine: Full Body by Studio Zero got new screenshots, revealing new information on Rin, the Nero Glasses DLC, and the Persona 5 collaboration.

By Iyane Agossah

November 7, 2018

Studio Zero released new screenshots and details on Catherine: Full Body, focusing on Rin, the Persona 5 collaboration and the game’s second DLC: the Nero glasses that make it as if all characters in the game only wear underwear.

As we already know, Rin also appears during Vincent’s dreams. What has been revealed now is that some stages will feature Rin together with Vincent. As you control Vincent, you’ll have to help Rin climb up too, so the two of them reach the goal. You can give her instructions, like telling her to wait at a specific point instead of following you.

Next, we’ve got some screenshots of the game with Vincent using the Nero Glasses. You can switch them on and off at any time, and they affect cutscenes as well. The other characters don’t react to Vincent wearing the glasses, as if they can’t see them. In the menu to rewatch all cutscenes, you can also choose whether to activate the glasses or not.

Studio Zero also revealed it’s impossible to see all cutscenes on your first playthrough.

Vincent also receives messages from the three Catherines during the game, and the way you answer will affect the developments you get. They’ll also send you pictures. That feature was already present in the original game, but all photos are new.

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In this remake, the modes Babel and Coliseum are available from the start. Babel mode has 4 stages that unlock as you progress in story mode, and is basically a challenge mode. You can play it with another player as co-op too. Meanwhile, Coliseum is the versus mode. Both modes have an online ranking, and you can play them online too. For Coliseum, there’s a “casual match’ mode that chooses your opponent randomly, and a “rank match” mode that pits you against people around the same rank.

Atlus recently announced that the second half of the story mode will disable sharing functionalities. However, both Babel and Coliseum mode, online or not, aren’t blocked at all.

The final new piece of information concerns the Persona 5 collaboration. As previously said, you can play as Joker in Babel and Coliseum mode. The BGM will change to Persona 5 ones, and your actions will be commented on by the members of the Phantom Thieves. If you clear stages as Joker, you’ll also get to see scenes of the Phantom Thieves together at Leblanc.

Joker is only available in first-print editions of the game, as a DLC code in them. You can check some gameplay with Joker here. All details regarding the collaboration and the game’s limited edition were announced during Tokyo Game Show 2018.

You can also check the full list of the “Ideal Voice” DLC for Catherine, all by voices actresses who participated in the Persona series. There’s also the game’s latest trailer, and another video focusing on Rin.

It was also announced that Geo will get a shop-specific pre-order bonus for the game: an original steel book. You can check it at the end of the gallery. Speaking of which, we did mention characters in underwear here, so be warned before browsing the gallery.

Catherine: Full Body releases for Vita and PS4 on February 14th in Japan and in “2019” in the west.

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