Catherine Has a Lot of Food

By Chad Awkerman

November 1, 2010

Odd post title. I don’t claim it. Nothing to see here. Oh, wait, I suppose there is. The blog for upcoming Atlus title Catherine was updated today, and it has a post that showcases something rather interesting about the game – its food. Character designer Shigenori Soejima showed off a detail shot of some of the food from the game. Why would so much focus be given to simple food items? Seojima explains that it is because the game focuses on sexual desire, as well as a desire for sleep and food. Absence of all those things tends to either drive people a little batty or just end up in a messy death anyway, right? All I have to say is that pizza is making me hungry! Yet, food isn’t all this blog post is about.

Seojima goes on to comment about what he thinks will make Catherine unique and make people want to play the game and why they will relate to the main character, Vincent:

“Having a main character who’s not out to save the world but has a personal struggle in search for calm is new. However, this is this what we the people of the world are most concerned with, so I believe people will relate to the character. It’s a title that has depth even though the scale is smaller. We’re working to make it so that after trying it, you’ll find it interesting and will want to keep playing. Having it receive so much attention is very much different from the development we’d been anticipating.”

Seojima-san, any time you top your game’s development blog with an image of one of the game’s main character spreading her legs, you’re going to get a lot of attention.

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