Catherine: Full Body Surprise Announcement Teased by Atlus

Catherine: Full Body Surprise Announcement Teased by Atlus

An E3 2019 afterparty event hosted by Atlus USA teases a "surprise announcement" for the upcoming remake Catherine: Full Body.

Atlus USA revealed an interesting piece of news through an upcoming E3 2019 event announcement. The localization and publishing company will be hosting an E3 afterparty on Wednesday, June 12nd called the Catherine: Full Body Experience. In the event description, it states:

…And a surprise announcement for Catherine: Full Body!

It’ll be interesting to see what said announcement will be. Most likely a DLC reveal, since it specifies the Full Body version and the extra goodies for the Western release have also been revealed. I also wouldn’t hold my breath for any new information regarding the English version’s script, as the voice actress for Erica has already confirmed changes in the localization.

Catherine: Full Body, the remake of the original by Studio Zero, will be coming to the West on September 3rd of this year. Compared with the original game, Full Body has many additions including new story parts as well as new character Rin (complete with her own story arc and ending), new gameplay elements, online multiplayer, and more.

Furthermore, Catherine: Full Body will include some day one DLC in the form of Joker from Persona 5More DLC was announced for the Japanese version, such as additional voices for Catherine and more playable characters. But so far none of that content has been confirmed for the west as of yet.

Recently more English gameplay has been released, with the the first video showing ten minutes from the opening hour of the storyline and the second video showcasing over a minute of puzzle gameplay.

You can preorder the standard launch edition here and the premium “Heart’s Desire” edition here.

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