Cave Story 3D is Shipping Now. Seriously. Right Now.

Cave Story 3D is Shipping Now. Seriously. Right Now.

You’ve read the review, now play the game! Well, only if you really want to.

The 3DS iteration of one of history’s greatest amnesiac boy vs. evil doctor in a cave titles shipped to retailers today, which means you’ll be able to pick it up soon enough. If you’ve got no idea what it’s about, be sure to check out our own Allen Park’s review of the game.


And they say the 3DS doesn’t have any software. Star Fox 64 3D came out a little less than two months ago, Cave Story 3D ships today and Super Mario 3D Land drops in a few days. You know what they say: Haters gonna hate.

By the way, is anyone else surprised by the changes/advances in games publishing these days? It’s just funny to me that freeware can attract such a following that it sees not one, but two retail releases. I guess the idea’s not that far-fetched. After all, if it weren’t for DVDs, Family Guy and Futurama would have remained cancelled. I’m still skeptical about Arrested Development …

But back on topic: Will you be picking up Cave Story 3D when it hits shelves near you?