Cave Story Now Available on DSiWare

on November 29, 2010 11:00 AM

Cave Story Now Available on DSiWare

The wonderful Cave Story is already available on PC and Wii, but now this week you can pick it up on your DSi as well through the DSiWare store! Cave Story is an absolutely delightful game and if you haven’t played it yet I urge you to pick it up immediately and give it a go! If you’re a little apprehensive (and I wouldn’t blame you…it seems there’s a new “Must play” game every week) you can pick up a demo of it on the WiiWare service now! Hit the break for a full list of the new games available to download for your DSi and Wii this week!


  • Cave Story – 1,000 DSi Points
  • Frenzic – 200 DSi Points
  • Spot It! Challenge – 200 DSi Points


  • Airport Mania: First Flight – 500 Wii Points
  • HB Arcade Disc Golf – 1,000 Wii Points
  • Cave Story (Demo now available) – 1,200 Wii Points

Wii Virtual Console

  • Magical Drop II (NEOGEO) – 900 Wii Points

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