CBS Says Dante's Inferno Super Bowl Ad is Too Hellish

In case you didn’t know, this Sunday is the 2 weeks of preparation and talk, 3 hours of actually playtime spectacle known as the SuperBowl. And that means 3 things. One: we’ll be crowning a new NFL champion. Two: your copy of Madden 10 will have lost 3/4’s of its trade-in value. Three: Odds are you’ll be seeing the biggest and best advertisements of the year. Why all the hubbub over commercials? Well only because a 30 second time slot costs (according to the Super Bowl advertising Wiki) around 3.01 million dollars. That’s chump change for EA, so just to show that they’re “swimming in it” they have a trailer for Dante’s Inferno that clocks in around 1:42. The trailer was packed with over the top violence and adult themes, but that wasn’t what got CBS’ attention. It was the slogan at the end that reads “Go To Hell”. I think it’s quite catchy, however the TV execs beg to differ and requested that EA change it to which they obliged. It now says “Hell Awaits”, loses it’s  oomph if you ask me.  Guess 3 million bucks can only buy you so much these days. Either way check out what would have been the trailer for this Sunday’s Super Bowl in all it’s “go to hell” glory along with some high-res shots from the trailer below. Enjoy.

[The HollyWood Reporter]

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