CD Projekt RED Apologizes for the Poor Performance of Cyberpunk 2077 on Last-gen Consoles

CD Projekt RED Apologizes for the Poor Performance of Cyberpunk 2077 on Last-gen Consoles

CD Projekt RED admits that Cyberpunk 2077 on base last-gen consoles is never going to look like it's running on new consoles.

Today, the official Twitter account of Cyberpunk 2077 shared another of those “Important Message”s with a yellow background, but this one has obviously nothing to do with the release date of the game. In fact, it’s an apology to the players of the game.

It’s no secret that Cyberpunk 2077 is a buggy game right now, and it has significant performance issues on all of its target platforms, especially on base PS4 and Xbox One. The bugs and technical problems on last-gen consoles are annoying enough that make the game almost unplayable for players. Now, four days after the game’s launch, CD Projekt RED officially reacted to this matter by sharing a new tweet and apologizing for the poor performance of the final product on last-gen consoles.

First of all, CDPR admits that they didn’t share enough footage from the game running on base PS4/Xbox One consoles to give players a better understanding of the game’s status before they finish their purchase. Secondly, the developer promises that there will a series of updates coming in the near future to wipe out the current problems of the game. A new fix will be rolled out within the next seven days, with two big patches coming out in January and February next year to eliminate all the major problems that PS4 and Xbox One players are facing right now.

That being said, the game will never look like it’s running on a high-end PC or a next-gen console on PS4/Xbox One, though the patches will make the game look better than what it is.

Last but not least, CD Projekt RED offers a refund option for those who are not satisfied with the current status of the game and don’t want to wait for the updates. If you have a console, you can refund your digital version of Cyberpunk 2077 through PSN/Microsoft Store. For those who have purchased the physical version, the easiest way is to ask for a refund from the retailer they have bought the game from. However, if they wouldn’t be able to get their money back, they can contact CDPR through the email “” to make their refund done.

Before Cyberpunk 2077‘s launch, CD Projekt RED claimed that the game’s performance on last-gen consoles has exceeded their expectations, but now with this new tweet, it seems their expectations were completely wrong about a polished and playable game.