CD Projekt Red Isn't Concerned Half Life: Alyx is Launching Around Cyberpunk 2077

During their earnings call, CD Projekt Red said they aren't concerned about releasing Cyberpunk 2077 around the same time as Half-Life: Alyx.

During their latest earnings call, CD Projekt Red commented on concerns about releasing Cyberpunk 2077 around the same time as Half Life: Alyx.

“So, of course, we’ve seen the Half-Life announcement. I think it was a surprise for everybody, but I think not in the way you are suggesting,” says Michal Nowakowski, CD Projekt Red’s Senior VP of Business Development via a write-up from Yahoo! Finance. VR remains an extremely nichey niche of the market, like it’s very, very small. The only reason I can think of why has Valve has decided to actually put this title in the market is because they actually have a corporation on the hardware side of things, and I assume that they are actually planning.”

Nowakowski goes on to reiterate that VR is still a niche platform. He goes onto say CD Projekt Red isn’t concerned about it since it’s a niche market. Additionally, he says that while Half-Life: Alyx may make a large impact on VR, it’ll still take a year or two for it to become a huge mass-market hit.

When asked if CD Projekt Red is considering porting their older titles to VR, Adam Kicinski, the developer’s joint president and CEO, said it’s tough to say. “But bear in mind that to prepare a game for VR, you should design it for VR,” says Kicinski. “I mean having VR in mind, in part at least, that’s the first comment. And second is that we are rather for working on new things, new great things, than working on other stuff. It’s not always true as we just released The Witcher 3 on Switch, but we are rather for delivering new games than working on old titles.”

Also in the earnings call, CD Projekt Red discussed monetizing the game’s multiplayer mode which will launch sometime after the game’s DLC launches. Additionally, several new details about the game have been released thanks to a recent community meeting.

Cyberpunk 2077 launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 16, 2020. A Google Stadia is slated to release sometime after that.

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