CD Projekt RED Says The Witcher 3 Could Be Better Than Skyrim, And "The Perfect Open World RPG"

This news comes from an interview on Eurogamer, where CD Projekt RED–the developers behind the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3–spoke about how the The Witcher 3 is setting its standards high… high enough to challenge the insanely successful Skyrim, even.

Game director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz wasn’t impressed with Skyrim‘s story, saying he couldn’t name five characters off the top of his head, even after playing the game often. He also said that the quests were often generic, and that with The Witcher 3 having a great narrative and great open world, it could be the “perfect RPG.”

The managing director of CD Projekt RED, Adam Badowski, told Eurogamer that while he thought Tomaszkiewicz may have been a little harsh, he did agree that The Witcher 3 is on a different scale. He attributes Skyrim‘s less “hand-crafted” structure to Bethesda’s smaller team, saying that “It’s a matter of scale: bigger team will achieve bigger goals. You have to remember that the team is much bigger and much more experienced. Right now we are on consoles and we have technology already established, we have all the story plots done, so it’s not so bad.”

He also added: “What does it mean, generic? It’s a different type of gameplay experience. We know how to make hand-crafted quests and we have tonnes of ideas for quests. It’s a different level of detail. We have different tricks for how to fulfil – how to make the living world. And really it’s not the same way Bethesda has. It’s a different approach.”

The game is said to have a 50 hour main story, and over 100 hours if you throw in the side-quests. The game is also said to have a 20% bigger world than Skyrim. And even with a tighter narrative, Badowski says it won’t take away from the sandbox experience.

“We don’t want to make any compromises in storytelling, we simply needed to come up with a larger-scale story. That’s it. The world is bigger so we need to fill it with good stories. We don’t want to change the gameplay into the sandbox experience – that’s not the plan.”

The Witcher 3 is being designed for the PS4 (and probably the next-gen Xbox), with the release date unknown so far. What do you think of their goals? Was Skyrim the king of open world RPGs, or does the Witcher franchise have the power to be the one game that rules them all?

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