CD Projekt Showcases and Details The Witcher 2 Version 2.0 And the Xbox 360 Version

CD Projekt Showcases and Details The Witcher 2 Version 2.0 And the Xbox 360 Version

The CD Projekt Fall 2011 conference just ended and a lot of juicy details were given about the 2.0 version of The Witcher 2, to be released on September the 29th as a free patch, and about the Xbox 360 verision, that will be on the shelves in the first quarter of 2012.

As we already knew, the 2.0 version will include several new features, between which an extremely difficult Dark mode, which is a new version of the Hardcore mode without permanent death (when you die in Hardcore mode your save game gets erased), a new arena mode that allows you to fight against several kinds of enemies for money and glory, and a completely new and extensive tutorial to get new players easier acquainted with the game mechanics.

A few new and interesting details have been shared about the arena mode. You will be able to hire mercenaries (in the form of a dwarf, a warrior or a sorceress) to help you against wave after wave of enemies until you get defeated. The more you resist, the higher your score and rewards will be, and you will be able to automatically share your results on Facebook or on the official forums.

They also shared the first mock-up of the cover art for the Xbox 360 version of the game (you can see it above), that will include many new features (some of which still have to be announced). The most prominent new feature entails all-new CG cutscenes, including a 4-minutes-long and stunningly beautiful new intro. PC gamers should feel at ease, though, as all the new features released on the Xbox 360 (that will in turn include everything announced for the 2.0 version of the PC game) will be made available on PC as well.

CD Projekt stressed the fact that the Xbox 360 version looks basically as good as the PC version, and from what we could see of the presentation, I tend to (carefully) agree.

Below you can see a few screen caps from the presentation (quality isn’t at all great, but that’s what we have until CD Projekt shares official assets from the conference). The first two are from the PC arena mode, while the others are from the Xbox 360 version of the game.