Celebrate 20 Years of Playstation With a Gallery of Gorgeous PSX Titles Fan Art

on December 3, 2014 12:22 AM

The Game Art HQ, a website dedicated to the collection and promotion of video game art (be they official or fanmade), has come together to create a wondrous tribute to PSX games to celebrate Sony’s Playstation brand’s 20th anniversary.

There’s also plenty of trivia on the history of Playstation games as a whole, each individual title and some nice commentary from each artist included, making for a truly grand dedication to the world’s first access to Sony gaming.

We have Tekken art from Maxwell Nolan:


Art for classic horror title Resident Evil from Scribbletati:

Resident Evil

Of course there’s a tribute to Final Fantasy VII by Siga4BDN:


Artwork for Spyro the Dragon (one of my favorite platformers of all time) by CorvusRone:

Spyro the Dragon

And even more obscure gems like Bust a Groove gets some love from Fischhead:

Bust a Groove

You can check out the full gallery of artwork here, by clicking on each game cover. Credit for the featured image used in this article (which is a lovely tribute to Final Fantasy IX) goes to Mizueyes777.

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