Celebrate 20 Years of Wallace and Gromit With a Freebie

Twenty years for a person means what? It means being a year away from being able to drink legally and being considered an adult, sucks doesn’t it… But for a band, television show, or video game, twenty years is a huge accomplishment. Well, Telltale and Aardman Animations would like to include all of you in the celebrations, and what better way than giving away a free game.

Visit www.freewallaceandgromit.com from now through November 9th at noon (PST) if you want to get in on this bonus. Also, Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventure is going on sale, from $34.95 to $20. If that wasn’t enough, today also marks the release of all four chapters of Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Advernture on XBLA for 800 MS Points (per chapter, not total).

It is hard to believe that this franchise is twenty years old, I watched the Wallace and Gromit shorts growing up and now I feel old. If only my friends would give me free things on their birthdays, then the world would be a better place. Happy Birthday Wallace and Gromit and thanks for the game.

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Evan Velez

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