Celebrate EVE Online's 10th Anniversary With Dust 514's Biggest Update, Uprising

March 27, 2013

With Dust 514‘s Open Beta and EVE Online finally connected, developer CCP will be releasing Uprising soon, a huge update that will continue to merge the two into one cohesive universe.

The Uprising content will feature:

  • Planetary Conquest: Take over the galaxy one world at a time! Player corporations can own and manage planetary districts in the EVE Online universe. Every battle matters and the fates of hundreds of thousands of gamers and the wealth of their massive corporations are constantly at stake.
  • Graphic enhancement: The overall visual experience of DUST 514 is improved and enhanced by an optimized graphics engine. The maps and environments of DUST 514 are sharper, faster, and better than ever.
  • Accessibility: The improved user experience is cleaner and easier, getting players into the action quickly.
  • New content: Uprising extends the DUST 514 gameplay experience with new battlegrounds and gameplay modes and expands your arsenal with brand new weapons, gear, and equipment for every situation.

Below, you’ll see a trailer for the Battle for Caldari Prime campaign (along with some screenshots), which will include cross-game battle between Dust 514 and EVE players. While mercs fight on the ground, starships will take on the massive Caldari Titan in space. Mercs can also call in orbital strikes from their above-allies for a little helping hand in winning the war.

The update will be arriving this Spring, on May 6th.


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