Celebrate Saint Patty’s Early With GOG’s Luck of the Irish Sale and BIG Weekend Promo

on March 14, 2014 4:03 PM

Yes, I know Good ol’ Games is always giving away awesome discounts on random selections of games. But this week’s Luck of the Irish sale allows you to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day while building your own pot o’ gold, while the BIG Weekend Promo allows you to get deals on recent “BIG” titles for much, much cheaper.

What’s pretty cool about the week-long Luck of the Irish sale is it’s one of those build-your-own-bundle promos, where players can pick 5 out of 25 games with up to 90% off. There’s also a literal “Pot of Gold” selection which is a randomly selected game for $2 which could be taken from your wishlist, a “Big” title, or one of their many other titles on the site, with up to 5 pots selectable at once.

There’s also a weekend promo deal where gamers can save up to 75% off of some of the more recent major titles, like The Banner Saga, which will be discounted at $16.74, Outlast for $6.79, and about a dozen more titles, available until Tuesday, March 18th, at 4:59am GMT.

Check out GOG for more on the discounts, and stay tuned to DualShockers for more awesome deals.

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